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About Us

Johnstown Credit Bureau, Inc. is a merchant owned bureau started in 1927 by local merchants who saw the need for a centralized clearing house for credit information.  Today we provide a wide range of credit related services and information to meet your individual business needs.

Today, there is no shortage of information. The challenge is managing that information to improve your business results. Here at the Johnstown Credit Bureau, it is our job to help you meet these challenges.

As a regional provider of credit-related services, Johnstown Credit Bureau will provide your business with the most current nationwide credit, employment and business information available.

Whether reducing outstanding delinquent accounts receivable, improving your human resource department, or processing your requests, Johnstown Credit Bureau provides customers with a wide range of products and services using our dedicated customer service.

You can depend on the Johnstown Credit Bureau to deliver the ultimate "total customer service experience" in today's industry. We believe with our personal, courteous and prompt attention to your needs, we can save you time plus supply you with all the credit information needed in today's business world. 




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